Analogue displays for ship navigation

Our digitally controlled analog displays Serana-Q are being used for ship navigation. The devices have two redundant interfaces for NMEA signals according to IEC 61161-1 and IEC 61161-2. The rotation speed, rudder angle and propeller speed indicators are Wheelmark certified. The display of all other data is possible with the types certified according to DNV-GL Type Approval.

Datasheet SERANA


Analogue Dimmer for navigation devices

Our analogue Dimmer is suitable for external dimming of our serial analogue display instruments and all navigation and display units with analog inputs. It is available in two designs – either space-saving for front panel mounting or in a built-in housing for control panels, machine consoles or mosaic grids.


Multi–Datalogger WELog

Our Multi-Datalogger WELog records energy and power data in accordance with ISO 50001 in order to evaluate energy efficiency and subsequently derive energy-saving potential. With our WELog, the energy consumption of your devices and rooms can be displayed transparently through webmonitoring. All information is available in an integrated web server with database and enables reading and analysis of the data at any time. Hence the mapping of a complete energy management system is possible with our starter package.

Multifunction Displays WPM 209/309 with Rogowski Coils

he WPM 209/309 is equipped with inputs for Rogowski coils and ensures quick and safe installation. Due to the Ethernet port with integrated web servers, the settings can be made easily and the measurement results can be read out as well.


Signaling stack lights

The signal lamps SIT30 are particularly distinguished by their compact design and the wide range of possible applications. They are suitable for use in laboratories, industrial environments and in building technology.


Energy Counters WEZ-Series

The Energy Counters of the WEZ-series fulfill all requirements of the EN 50001 energy management systems. The devices are MID certified and available for 80A direct measurement and for current transformer 1A/5A (on site programmable). WEZ counters offer a flexible communication via infrared interface and optional communication modules.

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WPM-Series add on

The WPM-770 is the newest member of the succesfull WPM-Family. It offers all well known feautures but has the possiblity to add up to 3 optional modules (interfaces, additional memory…). The WPM-770 possesses high flexibility at a competitive price level.

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New split core transformers – the KBR-Series

The split core transformer range was enlarged about the KBR-Series. These transformers are very easy to install into already existing panel boards without additional mounting requirements due to their special locking mechanism.

The KBR-Series is available up to 600A, secondary nominal current 1A and 5A – KBR32 and KBR44 also for 4…20mA (power supply 24V DC).

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Solar Displays

You want to monitor the information of your solar power plant or need a communication medium enlightning the solarization or showing the saved carbon dioxid? The WGA-Series of Weigel is the right product for you. These solar displays are manufactured with glass housings for outdoor use and aluminium housing for indoor applications.

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Analogue Meters with Stepper Motor

The Analogue Meters with Stepper Motor LSSM3 and LRSM3 are extremely rugged and ideal for use in tough industrial ambient conditions, like e.g., in ships and rail vehicles. The indicators are available with 240°-300° (LSSM3) or 360° (LRSM3) dial. Optional features are for example: LED dial and optionally pointer illumination (for more options see datasheet).


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