Highly efficient

We offer you a wide range of products. This allows us to deliver our high-quality devices in a timely and reliable manner.
All necessary units are combined under one roof: research and development, panel meter manufacturing, shunt manufacturing, electronic engineering, and manufacturing of means of production.
On the following pages, we would like to provide a short insight into our units.

Panel meter-manufacturing unit

The manufacturing of our high-quality analog panel meters is based on an approach using our own fabricated movements.
Apart from standard solutions, we are also prepared to develop customized solutions.
We commit ourselves to a fast and reliable processing of both standard and customized orders.

Shunt-manufacturing unit

As a leading shunt manufacturer, we produce standard shunts in large numbers. At the same time, we offer to design and produce customized shunts.
All shunts are produced using high-end CNC-aided manufacturing units.
The accuracy rating is guaranteed through computer-aided calibration.

Electronic-manufacturing unit

In this unit, the transducers and digital indicators which are developed by our R&D unit are assembled and inspected.
In close cooperation with R&D, innovations as well as customized appliances are tested and developed.
Together with the manufacturing unit, this department is in charge of the vocational training of our apprentices. By this, we aim at securing the next generation of promising electronic engineers.

Tool shop

In our own mechanical workshop, we design and construct tools, means of production, and appliances/equipment.
This allows us to offer customized products at any time.
Moreover, as we are in need of qualified employees, we offer vocational training in the design and construction of means of production.

Scale printing

We are in a position to offer customized scales using different printing technologies such as semi-automatic, computer-aided printing or screen printing among others.
These different technologies allow for various customer-specific usages.

Finished goods warehouse

We have a large stock of finished goods on hand.
This allows us to process customer orders in a timely manner.